poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

Being four in Second Life


It's funny to be four at fifty-six...
To throw some old-age wisdom in the mix.

Funny being kicked out from some good old sims,
Being careful with rezzing -- for lack of prims,

Still struggle with scripting and with perms,
And moving... 'cause Lindens changed the terms.

And grieving the loss of your grandpa clock
To griefers... (For months I couldn't rock).

Funny to see enthusiasm ebb and wane...
Then re-ignite and kindle, never feign.

And friends I've never even talked to f2f
But love them... Ah, the genius of the place!

Some say it's not for real... But they err...
I REALLY AM my cat av... And I purr :-)


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